Why I Joined MDS (Mike's Story)

You know, the one thing that I did not want to be when I was growing up was a missionary. I remember during high school specific moments of me praying to God literally asking Him to not let me be a missionary. After college (May 2015), I reluctantly joined InterVarsity as an intern, knowing that it was the place God was calling me, but hoping it would not be for long. I interned for a year at UMBC. While that experience did touch my heart (I ended up crying the last time I was officially with them) I still was not sold on the whole missionary thing. 

I left UMBC and joined MDS (InterVarsity’s Ministry in Digital Spaces) hoping that this would change my perspective. The idea of interacting with students in digital places has a special place in my heart, simply because I was (and AM) one of those people in digital spaces. And honestly, after seeing God develop deep relationships and change lives through digital spaces, I can pretty much say that I don’t think I’d rather be doing anything else. 

I’ve had a student save someone from committing suicide because he was being Christ-like on the internet. To this day, they still talk, but they have never met face to face. I have been invited to weddings through the deep relationships that God has allowed me to have over the internet. 

I have even had the chance to share the Gospel through Snapchat to a person I had never met before. I ended up going to meet him in October of 2015 as well! 

This past November, I was challenged to think about making a greater commitment not necessarily to InterVarsity, but to giving the Gospel to people, whether it be students or not. I felt God asking me to commit to full-time staff with InterVarsity (I am part-time right now). I still do not want to be a missionary, but I know it is the place that God is calling me to. Hopefully this will happen sometime in the near future. Overall, the places that God has brought me to through InterVarsity’s MDS has changed my life, and I am excited to see where He takes me, even though I am afraid.