By Jesse Stowell

When Pokémon Go Leads You to Worship

What do you do when you are denied a place to worship?  How about moving your service to the nearest Pokémon Go hotspot?  That’s what we did for the first Worship & Prayer service of the fall semester.

Our campus (Penn State Harrisburg) has doubled its student population over the past 7 years, which has led to a shortage of meeting spaces. When we could not reserve a room, our worship leader Elisha thought we would need to cancel - but I suggested that we just go outside instead.

As we set up, we realized that a group of 10 or so people were playing Pokémon Go right behind us.  The Worship Team wondered if they really wanted to sing with this audience - but throughout our time of Worship & Prayer, 7 students came up to ask what was going on!  Being in the public eye helped to give our fellowship an identity: we proclaimed we would worship God no matter the circumstances.

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