Finding Friends without Saying Anything

In the past month, I’ve spent a lot of time making new friends while playing the new game modes in Overwatch, specifically 3v3 Elimination. There’s something different about meeting people through Elimination - because you only get 1 life per round, there’s downtime and banter that goes back and forth. The kind of people that play tend to be winning oriented and competitive, but also a lot of fun to talk to. It’s easy to invite them to join my party for the next game, especially if I run into someone again, and I’ve met at 5+ people already that I’ve been able to get to know. 

The easiest way to see if I should ask someone to keep playing is, surprisingly, non-verbal. Any time I win a game without talking to my teammates, but feel an understanding of how they move around the map, I ask them to play again. It’s a low commitment, as these games are around 5 minutes, but there’s a strong incentive to keep playing for item rewards. It’s easy to do and participate in - just enter a game, encourage your teammates, and party up when you win. But I see God being able to do a lot as I play more with these people.