Falling Out of a Window for Jesus

Even as a lifetime gamer and a member of MDS staff, it can sometimes feel strange to think of how video games work as a mission field, as a place where I can share the Gospel. The ways people make connections are very different from other spaces. For example:

I play Overwatch regularly, and make a point of looking for connections I can make with people so that we can move together from "person the game connected me with" to "friend I play with on purpose." I've found that being too direct often backfires; people can be suspicious or hesitant when strangers are too friendly. But you know what does make friends? In-game accidents.

In a particular match, I was on the defending team, standing in a window attacking oncoming enemies. Behind me was another player, whose character was healing mine. By mistake, I moved my character forward and fell out the window! The other player panicked, saying "Come back, come back, I can't heal you there!" And I panicked, because now I was in the middle of the enemy team. But a few frenzied key presses and mouse clicks later, I'd managed to defeat the other team and frantically run back into the base to get healed. My team all had a great laugh at my luck, went on to win the game, and then my accidental assault was highlighted as play of the game.
That healer and I went on to play several matches together, add each other as friends, and have played together a few times since; all because I fell out a window.