"Dude, You Have to Tell Me These Things!"

Last night I logged into my game of choice for the first time in about a week. I quickly reconnected with one of my closest friends in the world, a buddy from my undergraduate days. He told me that his wife has been in the psych hospital since Thursday night… He had already told a few guildies in the game, but mostly just wanted space to unwind which is why he hadn’t texted me. I raised some conflict with him (“Dude, you have to let me know these things…”) and we had a good conversation from there. 

But the fact remains: As easy as it is to send a text, I might not have heard about this incredibly important part of my friend’s life if I hadn’t logged into the game. That’s why the presence of missional Christians is so important in digital spaces: We need to be there not just to preach, but to listen, to wait, to offer healing whenever life gets hard.