Classmates & Dota

I grew up playing Starcraft 1, or Runescape with a lot of my friends - we went to Internet cafes, and eventually I started going onto online forums that covered Starcraft as an eSport. I even met Angelo (an MDS staff) on that website, Team Liquid, maybe 4 years before we actually met in person at InterVarsity's Soul Surf in 2014.

Around 2015, I started playing League of Legends with my InterVarsity small group at Northwestern. We mostly played for fun, but eventually, the group started taking the game more serious and I started having less fun. I always preferred Dota as a competitive game, but it was hard to find people that played it, especially other Christians. 

When I saw an announcement for an amateur Dota2 league this year, I asked two of my classmates and one mutual friend to join my team, and invited Angelo to join as a substitute. Over the past few months, I got spend more time playing with everyone - and I've seen God transform something I never thought would be an avenue for kingdom work into something more than just a game. He's given me a glimpse of how He can redeem anything and everything for His glory.