Apologies from Trolls

Last night the #TeranceCrutcher and #KeithScott Twitter feeds filled up super fast with trolls, so much so it was hard to find people wanting to have open conversation and space to mourn and grieve.

Surprisingly, after being called a race-baiter by a troll, the Holy Spirit led me into a pretty civil and eye-opening conversation. I normally ignore devil’s advocates or people who try to disrupt with false narratives or calls for facts before seeking to have compassion.

But this time, I engaged. It led to a 30 minute conversation with a guy who seemed genuine by the end of the conversation and even apologized for getting defensive and “telling me how I should feel.”

I’ve never been apologized to by a troll before. But now I even question the use of the word “troll” in describing them because they’re people too.