At InterVarsity’s 2017 Staff Conference in January 2017, Andy Crouch shared a talk that focused on how authority and vulnerability shape human experience, and how the Biblical story of a fully realized, healthy, and holy society is one which maximizes both authority and vulnerability.

“The world has changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was, is lost, for none now live who remember it.” – Galadriel, The Lord of the Ring

The work of Ministry in Digital Spaces (MDS) is to empower students and faculty to engage fully with their peers in new and emerging digital spaces, relating deeply and honestly in these spaces. As we do this, all of our efforts will be rooted in our core values of  RELATIONSHIPS, RECONCILIATION, and PROPHETIC IMAGINATION.

2005: “What is this ‘Facebook’ and why do I need to be on it?”

2008: “What is a ‘Twitter?’ Is it another thing I have to check, and why do I need a blog? What is a blog?”