By recon419a

It’s a pattern I’ve seen often in my life – I go hard and burn out fast – but it wasn’t until tonight that I realized the parallels to video games, and the way they can free me from the feeling of uselessness I get when I’m below my peak effectiveness. It’s a little concept I like to call team comp.

2005: “What is this ‘Facebook’ and why do I need to be on it?”

2008: “What is a ‘Twitter?’ Is it another thing I have to check, and why do I need a blog? What is a blog?”

Even as a lifetime gamer and a member of MDS staff, it can sometimes feel strange to think of how video games work as a mission field, as a place where I can share the Gospel.

Around 2015, I started playing League of Legends with my InterVarsity small group at Northwestern. 

The presence of missional Christians is so important in digital spaces: We need to be there not just to preach, but to listen, to wait, to offer healing whenever life gets hard.

I’ve never been apologized to by a troll before. But now I even question the use of the word “troll” in describing them because they’re people too.

By Jesse Stowell

What do you do when you are denied a place to worship?  How about moving your service to the nearest Pokémon Go hotspot?