During this current Overwatch seasonal event, Uprising, running from April 11th to May 2nd, I want to point out that these events have amazing potential to be evangelism hotspots. 

Calling all Board Gamers! Let’s face it, we love board games. We bring them to conferences and small groups, we play them during NSO and have long game nights with friends. This Saturday, April 29th, is International Tabletop Day.

By recon419a

It’s a pattern I’ve seen often in my life – I go hard and burn out fast – but it wasn’t until tonight that I realized the parallels to video games, and the way they can free me from the feeling of uselessness I get when I’m below my peak effectiveness. It’s a little concept I like to call team comp.

By imagining how we can use games like Dungeons and Dragons as a ministry space, we challenge that separation of activities between fun and serious. For many gamers, playing games involves real relationships that we value and invest in.

Even as a lifetime gamer and a member of MDS staff, it can sometimes feel strange to think of how video games work as a mission field, as a place where I can share the Gospel.

Around 2015, I started playing League of Legends with my InterVarsity small group at Northwestern. 

The presence of missional Christians is so important in digital spaces: We need to be there not just to preach, but to listen, to wait, to offer healing whenever life gets hard.

Using our social presence well is a part of evangelism, of living out our faith, and of being a disciple of Jesus in 2015.  Our social tools give us additional ways to connect with friends on campus. We need to use them well.