Krista Pekarek

Krista loves geek culture! She graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a degree in Chemical Engineering and she is still on campus as a Campus Minister with InterVarsity. Throughout her time on an engineering campus, God has been teaching her how to love gamers, geeks and nerds well. She's excited to be a part of MDS and to explore more ways to love people in the digital realm! Portal was her gateway video game to a world filled with Lara Croft and Minecraft. She loves going to conventions (occasionally in costume) and discussing the latest Marvel movie/show/comic book.

Blog posts:

Calling all Board Gamers! Let’s face it, we love board games. We bring them to conferences and small groups, we play them during NSO and have long game nights with friends. This Saturday, April 29th, is International Tabletop Day.