Jerrica Profit

Digital Spaces Minister

Jerrica believes in the power of story to connect deeply with others. After graduating with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism (historically the top-ranked journalism school in the United States), she spent four years as a campus staff with InterVarsity in Chicago. While there she used her love of storytelling and digital media to engage students with the life of Jesus. She is most passionate about creating resources to help staff and students grow in cross-cultural competency on increasingly diverse and digital campuses. Apart form her staff work, Jerrica spends her Saturday mornings watching beauty vlogs on YouTube. She desires to explore how digital spaces like Youtube and Twitter connect ethnic minorities across continents.

Blog posts:

I’ve never been apologized to by a troll before. But now I even question the use of the word “troll” in describing them because they’re people too.