Chelsea Salas

Digital Spaces Minister

Chelsea has been interacting with digital spaces from a young age. From Game Boy Color to the early Xanga days to MMORPGs, Chelsea was active in the virtual realm throughout her life. In her undergraduate years at University of California, Davis, God challenged her to follow Him intentionally not only IRL but online. After having a transformative conversation with another person about Jesus on an MMORPG, Chelsea realized the importance of intentional on-line relationships. Digital spaces offer a unique platform in which people can share the gospel with those they may not easily encounter in person. Originally from California, Chelsea is currently living in Philadelphia, PA studying at Drexel University College of Medicine. When her head is out of the books, you can find her actively posting on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or playing on Steam and PS4.

Blog posts:

Recently, Chelsea and Angelo interviewed each other about long distance relationships - they’re both in different stages of one (not with each other), causing them to realize that Ministry in Digital Spaces doesn’t always take place just with strangers.