Bret Staudt Willet

Ministry in Digital Spaces Director

Bret’s calling is to work toward a more generous Internet, one person at a time. In addition to being the Director of MDS, he is also a PhD student at Michigan State University, where he's studying the Internet and human connection. More specifically, he’s researching digital affinity spaces (e.g. online videogames, Twitter hashtags, fan forums, podcasts, and YouTube channels) and social capital. Bret is an avid gamer motivated by exploration and social connection, primarily in Elder Scrolls Online but in many independent games as well. He still keeps in touch with his first online friend, from AOL in the early 1990s.

Blog posts:

The work of Ministry in Digital Spaces (MDS) is to empower students and faculty to engage fully with their peers in new and emerging digital spaces, relating deeply and honestly in these spaces. As we do this, all of our efforts will be rooted in our core values of  RELATIONSHIPS, RECONCILIATION, and PROPHETIC IMAGINATION.