Andrew Fallows

Digital Spaces Minister

Andrew believes that every place where communication happens is a place where the gospel belongs. That’s why he’s so happy to be part of MDS; he dreams of helping gamers, geeks, and techies of all sorts use their unique passions to glorify God. Andrew is an InterVarsity alumnus from Rochester Institute of Technology. You can find him anywhere online with the username kaldrenon.

Blog posts:

At InterVarsity’s 2017 Staff Conference in January 2017, Andy Crouch shared a talk that focused on how authority and vulnerability shape human experience, and how the Biblical story of a fully realized, healthy, and holy society is one which maximizes both authority and vulnerability.

Even as a lifetime gamer and a member of MDS staff, it can sometimes feel strange to think of how video games work as a mission field, as a place where I can share the Gospel.